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John Lies About His Own Party

From the NYTimes:

Senator John McCain, the Republican, claimed Friday that “the administration did nothing” to rein in the mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, even though the White House did push some reforms on Capitol Hill.

If at First You Don’t Succeed,Try and Fail Again.

Bush addresses the Nation: 5 days too late.

George ‘Curious’ Bush:

Finally, when we get past the immediate challenges, my administration looks forward to working with Congress on measures to bring greater long-term transparency and reliability to the financial system.

Where have we heard this before?

In this difficult time, I know many Americans listening may be wondering about the security of your finances. Through the F.D.I.C., every savings account, checking account and certificate of deposit is insured by the federal government for up to $100,000. The F.D.I.C. has been in existence for 75 years, and no one has ever lost a penny on an insured deposit. And this will not change.

George leaves out one important fact here:  FDIC Security is $100,000 per person, PER BANK, not account.

Fear-Mongering: McCain Uses Anti-Nazi Ads as Template for Anti-Liberal Ads

Scary Shadows, Lurking Figures… Look Familiar? Sound Familiar?

John McCain is taking Anti-Nazi Propaganda and retrofitting it for his Anti-Liberal Campaign:

John McCain’s Ad Campaign:

See the Full John McCain Ad Here:
The Latest McCain Fear-Mongering Ad

WWII Anti-Nazi Propaganda Campaign:

What Level of Desperation will the McCain ‘Dignity Filled’ Campaign Stoop to Next? Hopefully this won’t give them any ideas:

“I’m John McCain and I approve these messages:”

“John Loves Women: We Can’t Win Without Them”

“John’s Economic Solution:”

“Don’t Ever Forget It… Especially in the Voting Booth”

“Probably too Eco-Friendly to Actually Be Used:”

Meghan McCain: ‘No one knows what war is like other than my family. Period.’

John McCain Tries to Blame… Well, his own Party for Economic Disaster

McCain’s Bone-headed ‘Fire somebody’ Solution

A typical Republican response to a complex issue; fire a fall guy.

Nevermind that the President does not have the power to ‘fire the head of the SEC’

McCain Says he wants to reform ‘Alphabet Soup’ Government But now he’s Proposing to Create a New Department Called the M.F.I.

From the NYTimes:

Mr. McCain also called for the creation of a new entity to try to keep institutions solvent and that would sell off the troubled assets of ailing financial firms. “I am calling for the creation of the mortgage and financial institutions trust – the M.F.I.,’’ he said. “The priorities of this trust will be to work with the private sector and regulators to identify institutions that are weak and take remedies to strengthen them before they become insolvent. For troubled institutions this will provide an orderly process through which to identify bad loans and eventually sell them.”

Contrast this With Obama’s Solutions:

Republican Ron Paul Speaks Out Against McCain

“I can’t endorse somebody who disagrees with me on all the major issues…

… on foreign policy especially. I could never support somebody who thinks it’s funny to say, ‘Bomb bomb [bomb, bomb bomb] Iran.'”

Sarah Palin on Sean Hannity Pts 1, 2 & 3