“… in a Palin & McCain Administration”

Palin self-nominates for President of the United States:

McCain/Palin or Palin/McCain

Palin is upstaging McCain more and more;


After Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, his running-mate, riveted the overflow crowd at an airplane hanger here for 16 minutes, it was McCain’s turn, and people in his audience began murmuring and drifting away midway through a 14-minute speech that was flat and cheerless. When McCain made his first appearance without Palin, on Monday morning in Jacksonville, he faced an arena that was one-quarter full.


One response to ““… in a Palin & McCain Administration”

  1. She is getting dislexic or someone pulled the wrong string. GO PALIN/McCain, I need more money!

    It is going to be such a great day when I get to see all of those spoiled conservatives (that don’t know how to conserve anything) have their nervous break downs because they are now going to have to start paying their fair share of taxes.

    They are getting more and more scared every day. They are starting to see that no matter how much they try to spread lies and fear, the American (and world) population is sick and tired of their greed, ignorance and incompetence. They are getting very scared, because they are seeing that it finally is not going to work for them anymore!

    They DO NOT want a great President in the office now, because they know it will stop their run. They know if the majority of average every day Americans realize that their votes do, and can actually count, and that they can have a government that works for them instead of against them,then their Republican supported golden parachutes will collapse around them. They are getting really scared now because they will have many years to wait for another chance to screw the American people like they have been doing for so long now.

    All RepubliKKKans care about is winning, they do not have the slightest idea of what real Honor, Integrity and Patriotism is. If people want to help those that have been ignored by their country and government for so long, they call them weak! They constantly bash those that care about their fellow humans and Americans and call them bleeding heart Liberals. Well at least they have hearts!

    They spread the continual lies of lazy welfare people stealing your hard earned money through your taxes to big government. While they, get tax breaks, outright ignore their obligation to pay taxes like the rest of us by hiding their money overseas, and every time their greed gets the best of them they expect the average person to bail them out every time with their tax dollars.

    Their greed is so vast that it now threatens to drag this country down. Talk about creating a big government, well they have, except the big government is using all of our tax money to give them get out of jail cards, while the average Americans lose their home without a second thought of helping them. Sorry Senator McCain but we don’t have ten homes, so we can’t afford to lose the one we can hardly afford anymore.

    They make fun of, and constantly complain about the Liberal media and Hollywood Stars that speak out against their trickle down policies. They complain about how the Hollywood Stars stand up for some “empty suit” that will listen to the people. Yet those Hollywood Stars realize that they will have to pay more in taxes when he wins, and they STILL support Obama! Let McCain talk about raising the fat cats taxes and they will HANG HIM before he pries it from their greedy hands!

    They are starting to see the days of their smear tactics being confronted, and just like the BULLIES in High School all you have to do is not back down and just pop them in the face and they never will attack or harass you again. In fact the BULLY Hypocrites’ that I did that to actually tried to be my friend afterwards. Well Obama and the the people are punching back now, and all they can do is CRY FOUL!

    Well I am a Liberal therapist, and I will be incredibly glad to treat all of those PTSD Republicans as they face the horror and reality of their ability to no longer pay their fair share of taxes and deceive the ignorant people anymore go down the drain with Sarah and John.

    And yes, I know that their are “non rich” ignorant Republicans that still continue to believe in the lies they have been continually fed by their fat cat government over the last 8 years (and Palin/McCain more recently) will need lots of drugs and therapy as well. But since I am a Liberal therapist, I will do their therapy at a reduced rate!

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