The Pork-Barrel Backfire

Seems Palin & GOP actually like Pork…

while McCain actually despises it?;
… but not so much that he won’t put a Pork-barrel-guzzling governor on the Ticket.

From TIME:

It turns out that John McCain, while crusading against wasteful spending, specifically objected to three earmarks Sarah Palin had requested as Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, including a dubious agricultural processing facility designed to promote local produce. In fact, Palin has a consistent record of chasing the bacon that McCain has fought for years. She pulled in $27 million in earmarks as mayor, requested $450 million in earmarks as governor, and even supported the state’s notorious Bridge to Nowhere before she opposed it. There isn’t enough lipstick in Alaska to cover all that pork.


But as awkward as it was to watch Palin try to explain to ABC’s Charlie Gibson why taxpayers should pay to study the mating habits of Alaskan crabs, voters probably won’t mind that Palin doesn’t really hate pork as long as it’s hers. What could be a real problem for the GOP ticket would be voters recognizing that McCain really does hate pork — not only when it’s Palin’s, but when it’s theirs.


McCain’s current economic plan would explode the deficit, mainly by making permanent the Bush tax cuts he once opposed. The Brookings Institution has estimated that it would add $5 trillion to the national debt by 2018; meanwhile, it would eliminate only $18 billion in earmarks, and much less if McCain truly intends to preserve aid to Israel and other worthy programs.


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