Funny-Ha-Ha: John McCain Stars in New BlackBerry Commercial

Front Page Funny-Ha-Ha:

Because the rest of the news is: Funny-I’m-Scared-Sh*tless

News stories mentioning “McCain and BlackBerry” topped 2,300 in a 24-hour stretch ending Wednesday — that’s almost half the number of stories mentioning “McCain and A.I.G.” in the same period. It’s hard to quantify the news value of the McCain campaign’s odd claim that he invented the Canadian technology, of course, but it definitely ain’t half as important as A.I.G. The BlackBerry claim is perfectly symbolic, however, of a campaign that has spun, prevaricated and lied through the summer — drawing protest from opponents and neutral observers alike — led by a candidate who is often out of touch from the economic and technological changes rocking the country.

From The Huffington Post


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