McCain’s Health: Get Ready for a Palin Presidency

Holy Sh*t – Talk about a Manchurian Candidate….

Even scarier when you consider this week’s NYTIMES EDITORIAL in response to Palin’s speech:

There were several creepy subtexts at work here. The first was the choice of Truman. Most 20th-century vice presidents and presidents in both parties hailed from small towns, but she just happened to alight on a Democrat who ascended to the presidency when an ailing president died in office. Just as striking was the unnamed writer she quoted. He was identified by Thomas Frank in The Wall Street Journal as the now largely forgotten but once powerful right-wing Hearst columnist Westbrook Pegler.

Add to that the mental strain from his POW experience:

… and you’ve got a recipe for a Sarah L. Palin Presidency.

What’s ironic is that McCain’s struggles and triumphs as a Prisoner Of War define his strengths, and simultaneously render him unfit for duty.


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