Oh Yeah… They Still Haven’t Explained This:

From Wikipedia:

The Alaskan Independence Party is a political party in the U.S. state of Alaska that advocates a state vote which includes several options, including increased state autonomy, territorial status, becoming a separate nation or commonwealth state, and, failing that, for increased Alaskan control of Alaskan land, gun rights, privatization, home schooling, and reduction of governmental intrusion in the private lives of its citizens with adherence to the founding documents of the United States. The party has appeared on the ballot in Alaska in all state elections since 1970.[citation needed]

At other times, party members have also proposed that the state explore the possibility of joining Canada. Other members have expressed opposition to joining Canada in its present form but are open to the possibility of joining an independent Western Canadian state comprising the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Neither of these scenarios form part of the party’s current platform.[citation needed]

At the national level, the party is affiliated with the conservative Constitution Party.[2]


One response to “Oh Yeah… They Still Haven’t Explained This:

  1. What she *really* needs to explain is that hideous jacket and shirt combination. Did she teleport straight from 1987?

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